System architecture (and systems engineering) are distinguishing disciplines in the development and commercialization of complex systems, products and machines. The system architect’s decisions can make or break a product. A system architect needs to be a good communicator and problem solver, because he or she is in charge of the development of a system architecture. However, the system architect should also have technical knowledge from different kinds of disciplines.

Experience is an important factor, but the system architect can also learn a lot from his peers. Exchanging lessons learned from successful and failed development cases is invaluable to sharpen his mind.


The target audience consists of all involved in the development and commercialization of complex products and machines:

  • System architects
  • System engineers
  • Technical management
  • Decision makers of complex-system companies
  • Product managers


The online conference will be divided into multiple sessions in 2021:

  • 13 April
  • 18 May
  • 15 June
  • 28 September
  • 2 November
  • 30 November
  • 21 December


The System Architecting Conference is an online conference divided in multiple sessions in 2021