Alexandr Vasenev


Sergey Libert


Session 4: 28 September 2021

16:15 – 16:45 hours

An MBSE configuration model as linking pin between product development and sales

Configuring, instead of re-engineering, complex high-tech solutions increases development efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures monetary savings. However moving from an Engineered-to Order (ETO) to a Configure-to-Order (CTO) approach requires a close alignment between the development and the sales pipelines.

The approach of ESI and Vanderlande outlined in this webinar defines a formal configuration model as an authoritative source of truth that connects both disciplines. We will present a metamodel (and examples) for configuration modelling as a structural model describing variants using the SysML language to properly embed the approach in the MBSE tooling and process. The model also supports automated checking versus the metamodel and an export interface to other tools. Sales will not use the model directly but through an appropriate front-end importing the intermediate format. 

Alexandr Vasenev is an experienced systems architecting researcher. Over the last decade he participated in projects on developing and applying design methodologies for companies like Thermo Fischer Scientific, DAF, Philips, and Vanderlande. His interests include eliciting requirements, analyzing systems, and creating user-oriented solutions for practicable innovations. His work focuses on identifying practical methods to create and apply reference architecturing and model-based systems engineering solutions.

Sergey Libert (born 1973 in Tura, Russia), studied Electro-Mechanical Engineering in Russia and IT and Electrical Engineering in Germany. He got his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering 2011 in Dortmund, Germany. Sergey is working for Vanderlande since 2014 first as HLC Solution Architect and later as Systems Architect in the Architecture and Integration department. In the past he collected practical experience in different project roles from requirements engineer to site integration lead, and from agile team product owner to systems architect. Currently he is working at strategic themes, related to the technical architecture, such as digitalization, MBSE, and agile architecting.