Arjo van der Ham


Session 5: 2 November 2021

15:30 – 16:00 hours

Model Based Optimization to engineer EV adoption

EV adoption is forecasted to still be only 50% of new sales in 2035. Lightyear is designing solar powered electric vehicles with the mission to provide Clean Mobility for Everyone. To have a significant impact on EV adoption the cars need to become competitive with ICE’s on the basics: Range, Cost and Charging efforts. Efficiency is the key enabler to improve all three, and Model Based Optimization the way to half EV energy consumption during the design process.

Arjo van der Ham is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Lightyear. He is responsible for the Research, Design, Engineering and IP departments and focuses on the core technology development such as in-wheel motors and solar panels. His interests are on how to further automate engineering tasks, integrate tools and workflows and parametrize designs to decrease time to market new technologies. Arjo holds a MSc from Eindhoven University of Technology in Electrical Engineering with specialization in power electronics.