Jelena Marincic


Session 2: 18 May 2021

15:45 – 16:15 hours

Reference architecting lessons learned with TEM microscopes at Thermo Fisher Scientific

In this webinar, Jelena Marincic will present a project in which Thermo Fisher Scientific and ESI partnered to design a transmission electron microscope (TEM) reference architecture. In an industry-as-a-laboratory approach, she worked together with TEM system architects to design their reference architecture. In parallel, the ESI team took lessons learned from this exercise to develop a more generally applicable method for reference architecture design, which can be used for many complex high-tech systems.

A reference architecture describes technical aspects of a system, the essence of all product variants, families and product lines. A more complete reference architecture also takes into account the business imperative driving technical decisions. Modeling both the technical and business sides pays off in increased reuse and efficiency through the whole life cycle of a system.

Jelena Marincic is a senior research fellow with Embedded Systems Innovation (ESI), a part of the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO). She conducts applied research in an industrial context in the domains of system architecting and model-based system engineering. 

Before joining ESI in 2019, she worked six years as a model-based software design expert at Altran (now Capgemini Engineering). Her primary role was to support the introduction of model-based software techniques to ASML. Before that, she worked as a researcher and a software engineer. The common denominator of her career has been the topic of designing good quality models that reflect the multidisciplinary nature of systems.