Jeroen Rondeel

Blue Engineering

Session 3: 15 June 2021

16:15 – 16:45 hours

Sustainability’s rising impact on System Engineering

Under growing pressure from environmental impacts, resource constraints and increased demand from a developing world, sustainability became a new and important requirement system engineering is facing. The things engineers create will impact the world we live in greatly. To help solve the global issues we face today, it’s important to design products and services that help people and the world. Now more than ever.

Creating circular inventions can mean inventing a technology which whole purpose is sustainability (like carbon sequestration or eliminating waste) or it can mean improving the environmental impacts of ordinary products. From material choice to energy use, to changing users’ lifestyles. For many companies, being environmentally responsible also means good business. By using a mindset of “inventing circular,” you can: save material costs with more efficient production methods; reduce liability risks associated with the manufacture or disposal of toxic materials; and meet customers demand for products that are safer for their families or less energy-intensive to use.

In this presentation Jeroen Rondeel will introduce the impact of sustainability on System Engineering.

Jeroen Rondeel, founder and CEO of Blue Engineering B.V. studied aeronautical engineering (Inholland) and business administration at the Radboud University.

Blue Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering company. Our purpose is a better world based on sustainable engineering. Blue Engineering is a progressive company where Holacracy is a way of working and a way of thinking. At the moment Blue Engineering is pursuing B-Corporation certification.