Michiel Willemse

KSE Process Technology

Session 4: 28 September 2021

15:30 – 16:00 hours

Digital twins for concept benchmarking in feed plants

Digital twins are a valuable means to predict the logistics, bottlenecks and output of factory layouts. Building a digital twin is still a time consuming process that requires both software programming skills and knowledge of the customer processes.

When the conceptual solutions are still partially open, it is almost impossible to generate twins for each concept. Our research has focussed on the creation of models and generation algorithms to synthesize and run digital twins to enable benchmarking of concepts in the earliest stages of factory planning.

A library has been composed with proven concepts as well as more innovative solutions. Scripts support the configuration of factories with solutions from this library. The generated twins can be injected with production scenarios and the performance of the twins can be compared and benchmarked. ROI estimation for the customer is supported by addition of the equipment cost. Implementation and validation is subject of the master thesis assignment by Noud Bennenbroek from the Technical University of Eindhoven, who will give a live demonstration of the achievements.

Michiel Willemse MSc PhD, born 1968, Mechanical Engineering at Delft University, has been working at a range of hightech companies in the Brainport region. Currently he is employed at KSE Process Technology, where he leads the innovation of the product portfolio. KSE serves the global feed industry with factory control software and dosing equipment. He introduced data analysis as extension of the software to quantify the value of the software and to improve customer operation. He applies digital twinning to predict new installations and to investigate operational changes before real implementation. Currently he focusses on integration of digital twinning and automated generation of control software.