Maarten Buijs

How system architecture can make an established company as agile as a start-up


Unlike start-ups, established companies often do not have the good fortune of possessing a well-designed modular product architecture, based on a scalable future-proof platform with managed interfaces. This prevents them from rapidly expanding when market opportunities present themselves. Investing in creating a solid system architecture in such a company while continuing a profitable business is as challenging as rebuilding a plane in mid-air. At Moba, we are trying just that. Maarten Buijs will highlight how Moba is transforming its present product portfolio with different tools, concepts and partners inside and outside of the company.

Maarten Buijs, R&D director at Moba in Barneveld, NL, has a PhD in Chemistry from University of Utrecht and a laser-physics postdoc from Harvard. He started out as an industrial researcher in materials science at Philips Natlab. Later on, he switched to R&D management and led a group working on mechatronics systems related to flow and heat, to which later the electron optics capability was added. He started bringing innovation to market at FEI, initially as head of R&D, later as head of Product Management and head of Product Marketing, responsible for Scanning Electron Microscope/Small Dual Beam systems. After that, he became responsible for EUV developments at ASML, followed by Brachytherapy development at Elekta. Today Maarten is responsible for Innovation, IP, R&D and Engineering at Moba, the leading manufacturer of egg grading equipment in Barneveld.