Miranda van Ark & Erik van der Veer

Lessons from implementing SE at organizations in railway, dike boards, engineering and energy


Embedding SE in the organization, first of all, requires insight into the reasons for the utilization of SE. This is followed by involvement and commitment at various levels within the organization.
It requires development at the level of people (competencies) design (of projects and the chain) and the organization (tooling and cooperation).
If the why is clear, many more questions will follow. What do you bet on when the introduction takes place? Who will you be taking with you? What do you start with? And what steps do you take?
To ensure that the SE approach is the driver of internal change.
Miranda and Erik share lessons from various contexts when implementing SE.

Miranda van Ark works as a process supervisor for knowledge and implementation processes, often in the area of ​​SE. She focuses mainly on increasing understanding. From content and between people, departments and organizations. By making things manageable through the utilization of the wisdom of the organization and in doing so making knowledge visible and shareable to help people to be able to work together more constructively and efficiently. What we often refer to as unwillingness is actually more often a case of people being unqualified or uninformed. That is why it is always imperative to focus on action perspectives for people, departments and organizations.
Advises and facilitates SE implementation at ProRail, SE-Boost, Shell, TenneT, HWBP, WSRL, ProRail, IB Amsterdam, Project leader Guideline-GWW v3 & SE ProRail manual & various knowledge platforms.

Erik is a team builder who sets the right examples. He leads his teams and surroundings in a down-to-earth-way, regardful of team members tasks and responsibilities, respecting the persons they are. In the implementation processes of project execution, he uses the systems engineering approach to steer towards organizational goals and the right project results.

Erik van der Veer

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