Wouter Geurts

Systems engineering vs infra asset management


Infrastructure – think of road, track, airports, rivers, canals, flood protection – has grown to be more and more dense. This density drives both the cost and the functional integration of man-made or natural assets.

Organizations tend to see systems engineering (building new infrastructure) and infra asset management (iAM, keeping the built state in shape) as separate processes. On a meta level, SE can help to adjust the asset management process to future needs: decision processes for network capacity improvement need accurate asset (health) information.

The approach now is to build a common vocabulary, coherent functionality and departments that work together seamlessly, with the ultimate goal that asset managers are able to promptly deliver correct information needed for the reengineering of parts of the road network or making decisions about optimal flood protection scenarios.   

Wouter Geurts has a Ph.D. in physics and currently is a technical manager with software service provider CGI. His projects deliver operational software systems dealing with the physical world like storm surge barriers, energy systems or infra assets. Wouter is a trainer for CGI’s Risk and Cost Driven Architecture courses and longtime INCOSE member.