Dries van Heusden

Cuyperstrap, treacherously simple


The Cuyperstrap is a physical connection between the Cuypershal of Amsterdam central train station (CS) and the distribution hall of the underground metro station NZL CS. The project consists of a fixed staircase with 35 steps and an escalator.

The complexity of the project lies in its surroundings, both physically and administratively. The stairs are to be built under a historical monument, in the construction basin of the NZL, at the metro station CS and transfer to different foundation depths. The staircase is located on either side of the building fire compartment.

A large number of stakeholders are represented in the steering committee, including VRA, V&OR, GVB, NS and ProRail. Also, the Welfare and Monuments committee of the Rijksmonumenten (the organization for Dutch national monuments) are involved at the planning level. The project is monitored closely by the local press (AT5 and Het Parool).

A context diagram has been drawn up for the Cuyperstrap in which the physical interfaces are defined, as well as an installation diagram for all safety systems. The thorough analysis and schematization of the network served as a basis for the procurement strategy. 

Dries van Heusden graduated with a focus on urban planning and architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

He has worked at various architectural firms including BV Articon and subsequently, was involved as a freelance project manager in several large projects of the municipality of Amsterdam including the North-South metro line, De Entree, Marktboxen Waterlooplein, Fully-automated car storage Vijzelgrachtgarage, Cuyperspassage and in Utrecht in the project City Skydiving.