Ferdinand Cornelissen

Digital Transformation: the importance of a digital twin and model based systems engineering in the development of a complex bridge system


The project Zuidasdok consists amongst others of the development of a multimodal bridge system ‘Schinkelbruggen’, which at the end of the project will comprise of 8 individual bridges that facilitate crossing of ships with traffic on the highway A10, as well as the trains and metros of Amsterdam at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Part of the project entails the redesign and  build from the ground up of all systems related to operations, control and monitoring of the Schinkelbruggen. The challenges from the system architecture point of view include having stakeholder consensus on the expected use of the system and being able to design a consistent and traceable system from different perspectives, such as machine safety, EMC, and cyber security. The use of a digital twin as well as applying model based systems engineering allowed us to achieve a validated functional and technical baseline for all relevant stakeholders. This presentation reports on experiences from the point of view of the system architecture, as well as the used tools, methods and best practices to achieve these results.

Ferdinand Cornelissen is management consultant at Altran in the field of Modelling & Simulation and Systems Engineering. In the past 15 years he has worked for a range of companies in a diverse set of markets, including (aero)space, high tech manufacturing and public infrastructure. Examples of large simulation and systems engineering projects he has worked on include the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) at the European Space Agency (ESA), test and simulation facilities at ProRail, and operation and control systems at the newly build sea lock at IJmuiden. His field of expertise includes the use of systems engineering and the use of modelling and simulation to facilitate a controlled product development process. Ferdinand Cornelissen was system architect for the Schinkelbruggen at the contractor Zuidplus up till project halt. He now fulfills the role of system architect for Rijkswaterstaat.