Rik van der Burg


Session 5: 2 November 2021

16:30 – 17:00 hours

Engineering challenges in Pixalux, a high-output mini-LED placement machine

Recently, Kulicke & Soffa has successfully introduced Pixalux, a high-output machine for placing mini-LEDs. Mini-LEDs are used, for example, in backlighting units of LCD screens. Because of the high number of mini-LEDs in a product, new technologies had to be developed to place them at a very high rate (> 50 Hz).

The engineering team at Kulicke & Soffa in Eindhoven developed this machine in collaboration with a startup company (responsible for the (patented) process to place mini-LEDs at (potential) high speed) and a customer (that adopted the mini-LED technology to be used in their new generation of products).

The presentation will focus on the (system) engineering challenges the team faced in developing a high-output machine in a very short time (< 1.5 year) with changing targets.

Rik van der Burg is working at Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands (former Philips EMT – Assembleon) Within the systems engineering department, he is responsible for the motion control technology applied in the surface mount technology (SMT) and mini-LED placement machines developed over the last 20 years.