Adriaan van den Brand

14 June 2018
14:15 - 14:45

Adriaan van den Brand

End-to-end thinking and the Philips Sonicare power toothbrush case

The IoT is a complex world. Not so much because of its scale, but because of its diversity and threats. To overcome this, end-to-end thinking is essential. Suddenly proven products become part of a connected world – with hackers and privacy leaks. Weaknesses and interoperability issues with mobile phones from a wide range of phone vendors need to be dealt with – to ensure smooth and secure operation for the customers. More so when it concerns health data.

In this talk, experiences from the Philips Sonicare products are shared. These power toothbrushes use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with the phone – which connects to the Philips cloud infrastructure. Security and reliability are hygiene factors, and OTA firmware upgrade is one of the most important features in this respect. The end-to-end overview comes of course from the system architecture perspective. Only when the entire chain is looked at – with the end user as an important stakeholder of the solution – can value requirements be realized. Even then it’s still a challenge, especially when BLE and Android are involved.

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