Bruno van Wijngaarden

14 June 2018
11:30 - 12:00

Bruno van Wijngaarden

The Vanderlande warehousing platform: a new paradigm ahead

E-commerce logistics is a very dynamic business: unpredictable growth, daily order volumes and product ranges and order lead times dropping to a level where you receive a delivery even before you have placed an order. E-commerce intralogistics is a whole new ball game compared to the comparatively stable retail intralogistics world of a few decades ago. Retail intralogistics focuses very much on throughput and cost-efficiency. E-commerce intralogistics retains those KPIs and adds scalability, robustness, short system implementation time and even system portability to the mix.

The e-commerce challenge for Vanderlande is to retain its USP of large system variability – meeting a wide range of customer requirements – and at the same time manage system complexity while observing all e-commerce intralogistics KPIs. Vanderlande’s current warehousing platform supports most KPIs but falls short with respect to short implementation time. Domain-driven design (and microservice architecture) enable us to retain our USPs, address all KPIs and manage system complexity while developing its successor. But: designing a new reference architecture is a piece of cake compared to the challenge of the organizational paradigm shift from a competence-based project organization to a multidisciplinary team-oriented product organization.

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