Henrik Balslev

14 June 2018
09:30 - 10:30

Henrik Balslev

It’s all about creating a common language across disciplines – hands-on with daily systems engineering

In general, systems engineering includes a range of different processes defined by ISO 15288. However, ISO 15288 and the Incose SE handbook do not provide specific instructions for the execution of SE, and very often systems engineering will be performed by specialists responsible for systems engineering activities as an add-on to other project activities, rather than as an integral part of the daily life of designers and engineers.

The Systems Engineering Concept is designed to be used by all project participants and not just specialists. It’s a straightforward practical and hands-on concept based on systems engineering principles. It has demonstrated to work in real life to cope with daily design struggles. To make SEC work, three other relevant standards and reverse engineering on successful methods have been added, and put together in a unique way, to address subjects like management disciplines, documentation, and structuring of digital information. The output is a system design that is guaranteed to meet the stakeholder needs and with a proven positive improvement on the classical parameters: time, money and quality. SEC users are, among others, partly or fully, aircraft industries (France), marine industries (The Netherlands and Denmark) and process engineering plants (multinational).

This keynote speech will outline how the Systems Engineering Concept with its well-proven simple methods lets you cope with complex designs in daily life. Get practical and do systems engineering!

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