Jan de Liefde

14 June 2018
15:15 - 15:45

Jan de Liefde

Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect as an integrated modeling platform for the infrastructure and industrial domain

Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect is a widely spread modeling tool for process and software design. Can it be seen as an ecosystem usable as an integrated domain-specific modeling platform for the design of infrastructure and industrial systems? For a positive answer on this question Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect should not only be enable to support mechanical, electrical and industrial automation design and safety analysis but also offer graphical presentations for non-engineers like fire departments, traffic operators, legislation departments and the like.

The Collective has developed an add-on for Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect using Sparxsystems MDG technology for modeling different engineering artefacts such as hazards, event trees, FMECAs and fault trees for supporting safety analysis and piping and instrumentation diagrams, one-line schemas, elevation diagrams and instrument loop diagrams for supporting electrical, mechanical and instrumentation engineers. These engineering artifacts are combined in the TRAK-based Infra Architecture Framework (INAF).

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